World’s Hardest Working Mannequin

Cigarette Break

They laughed at him when he said he wanted to become a plumber…

Cigarrete Break 2

Cigarette Break 3

No one at the office could agree on where it came from, his latte or the underside of the yogurt lid.

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Courtesy of Tim


2 responses to “World’s Hardest Working Mannequin

  1. our dearest pimlico man now is now chained to the wall. that is after darwins after work drinks became out of hand last friday, and the mannequin was stolen, dressed in darwins garb with a baguette thrust in his hand, and then photographed. they were over in flash to retrieve him and return him to his rightful place as guardian of the shop. what a bunch of spoiled sports.

  2. weirdmannequins

    Mr Higgins – It would be an injustice if you do not send us these photos you speak of…

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