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It’s too late ladies, you’re already pregnant just from looking at this…

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Open Wide

Anyone who says clowns are scarier than mannequins obviously hasn’t walked passed one of these…

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The fake bush is absolutely ridiculous…

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Children of the Damned


If we told you this one had a large kitchen knife in it’s back pocket would you believe us?
Children of the Damned + Ugly jeans and top = Scary!

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The Mouth


We think we just threw up in our mouths… but just a little

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The Group Shot

Group Shot

99.99% of people are probably horrified by this photo, on the other hand, the other 0.01% are, er……we probably shouldn’t go down this road.

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The Manchild


What would you rather? Take ONE bullet to the shoulder OR have this bloody thing sit in the corner of your bedroom for the next 50 years? The choice is yours….

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