The Cigarette

With the tight restrictions on cigarette advertising these days, tobacco marketers have been forced to get creative…

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Cross Species Breeding

What happens when mannequins breed with pillows? Something which is mildly intriguing, but ultimately, completely useless…

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The fake bush is absolutely ridiculous…

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Beef and Black Bean


No one, and I mean no one, cooks a better beef and black bean…

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Child Bollards


Bollards shaped liked children – supposedly to encourage drivers to slow down… and act as bait for paedophiles.


An old man was arrested yesterday trying to give this one sweets…


Someone has already tried to push this one over. Will prejudices against albino’s ever end?

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Nice Jacket

On Street

We’ll admit it, that face is quite disturbing – but not as disturbing as that 80’s tracksuit, which leads us to the next question. Where the hell are his trousers?!

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Children of the Damned


If we told you this one had a large kitchen knife in it’s back pocket would you believe us?
Children of the Damned + Ugly jeans and top = Scary!

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