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Feeding the pony… in public

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Einhorn is finkel. Finkel is Einhorn. Einhorn is a man. EINHORN IS A MAN!!! AAARRRGGGHHH

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The Cigarette

With the tight restrictions on cigarette advertising these days, tobacco marketers have been forced to get creative…

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Nice Jacket

On Street

We’ll admit it, that face is quite disturbing – but not as disturbing as that 80’s tracksuit, which leads us to the next question. Where the hell are his trousers?!

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Buy This Jumper!!


Taking a leaf out of the low-end ad industry where they just yell prices at you, this mannequin appears to be “screaming” (with a fist shake thrown in for good measure) at the customer to buy what looks to be, an absolutely awful looking jumper…

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The Mouth


We think we just threw up in our mouths… but just a little

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The Manchild


What would you rather? Take ONE bullet to the shoulder OR have this bloody thing sit in the corner of your bedroom for the next 50 years? The choice is yours….

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