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Open Wide

Anyone who says clowns are scarier than mannequins obviously hasn’t walked passed one of these…

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The Pilot

Oh hello… umm… not much happening here… just reading my fake map in preparation for my fake flight…

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The Cigarette

With the tight restrictions on cigarette advertising these days, tobacco marketers have been forced to get creative…

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Cross Species Breeding

What happens when mannequins breed with pillows? Something which is mildly intriguing, but ultimately, completely useless…

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The fake bush is absolutely ridiculous…

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Nice Jacket

On Street

We’ll admit it, that face is quite disturbing – but not as disturbing as that 80’s tracksuit, which leads us to the next question. Where the hell are his trousers?!

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Children of the Damned


If we told you this one had a large kitchen knife in it’s back pocket would you believe us?
Children of the Damned + Ugly jeans and top = Scary!

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