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It’s too late ladies, you’re already pregnant just from looking at this…

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Open Wide

Anyone who says clowns are scarier than mannequins obviously hasn’t walked passed one of these…

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The fake bush is absolutely ridiculous…

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Child Bollards


Bollards shaped liked children – supposedly to encourage drivers to slow down… and act as bait for paedophiles.


An old man was arrested yesterday trying to give this one sweets…


Someone has already tried to push this one over. Will prejudices against albino’s ever end?

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Children of the Damned


If we told you this one had a large kitchen knife in it’s back pocket would you believe us?
Children of the Damned + Ugly jeans and top = Scary!

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Where Mannequins Go to Die

SGP On A String

2nd hand stalls – just one of the many places where mannequins go to die…

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Buy This Jumper!!


Taking a leaf out of the low-end ad industry where they just yell prices at you, this mannequin appears to be “screaming” (with a fist shake thrown in for good measure) at the customer to buy what looks to be, an absolutely awful looking jumper…

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