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The fake bush is absolutely ridiculous…

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Child Bollards


Bollards shaped liked children – supposedly to encourage drivers to slow down… and act as bait for¬†paedophiles.


An old man was arrested yesterday trying to give this one sweets…


Someone has already tried to push this one over. Will prejudices against albino’s ever end?

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Nice Jacket

On Street

We’ll admit it, that face is quite disturbing – but not as disturbing as that 80’s tracksuit, which leads us to the next question. Where the hell are his trousers?!

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Buy This Jumper!!


Taking a leaf out of the low-end ad industry where they just yell prices at you, this mannequin appears to be “screaming” (with a fist shake thrown in for good measure) at the customer to buy what looks to be, an absolutely awful looking jumper…

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The Mouth


We think we just threw up in our mouths… but just a little

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Back To School

Back To School

If this doesn’t get kids excited about going back to school we don’t know what will…

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Valerie from 90210?


We don’t even know where to begin with this one – the completely ridiculous arms, the look of absolute disdian, the scratch/beauty spot (which is it?!) ¬†and that god awful dress and top combo. Just an absolute train wreck.

Actually, if you squint hard enough it looks kind of like Tiffany Amber Thiessen in her bitch days on 90210…

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