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Alan waves in disgust as his fiancĂ©e walks in on him having a shit…

Thanks to Eric via Facebook

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Nice Jacket

On Street

We’ll admit it, that face is quite disturbing – but not as disturbing as that 80’s tracksuit, which leads us to the next question. Where the hell are his trousers?!

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Children of the Damned


If we told you this one had a large kitchen knife in it’s back pocket would you believe us?
Children of the Damned + Ugly jeans and top = Scary!

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Hit By The Recession


Humans weren’t the only ones hit by the credit crunch. After a successful career at the United Colours of Benetton, this young mannequin was made redundant and now works part time promoting $3 hippy bracelets at local music festivals. Oh how the mighty fall…

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